Thank You, Valley Credit Union!

The Billings All High Schools (BAHS) Graduation Celebrations Committee would like to thank Valley Credit Union for supporting our seniors and becoming BAHS’ first ever Title Sponsor! Valley’s generous sponsorship of $15,000 will be shared evenly between Senior, Skyview and West high schools.

Valley’s sponsorship will go a long way to support all we hope to accomplish for this year’s graduating class. The last year of high school is usually filled with school games, assemblies, dances and more events that help seniors make memories to last a lifetime. For the Class of 2021, many of these events have been taken away so far. Students haven’t been allowed to attend most games, assemblies and dances have been cancelled — even just being able to hangn the hallways with friends has been changed by Covid-19.

That’s why we are even more determined to show this year’s grads the best send off we can as they leave high school and start their futures. We want to help these seniors celebrate all they have accomplished and support them as they make plans for what comes next. Through the generosity of supporters like Valley Credit Union, we will be able to host events later this school year that will help them make great memories and spend time with friends. We’ll also be able to provide them with gifts that will help them succeed in their new adventures.

We invite all Billings businesses and community members to join Valley and BAHS in our support of the Class of 2021. Your gift of monetary or in-kind donations will make a huge difference and all gifts are appreciated. All gifts will be evenly shared between our three high schools unless you indicate you’d like a specific school to receive your donation.

Let’s give these kids a year to remember for all the best reasons! Cash donations can be mailed to PO Box 1702, Billings, MT, 59103. If you would like to make an in-kind donation or would like more information, please email All donations are tax-deductible; TIN# 81-0501430.

Thank You!

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